Online Consortium of Independent Colleges & Universities

The mission of the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU) is to advance academic opportunities for members by sharing online resources and coordinating collaborative activities among and between members.

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New Ventures of Regis

Regis University

Rapid Response To Changing Education Markets

The Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU) answers the needs of independent not-for-profit colleges and universities. Confronted with the reality of resource rich, for profit and public competition, OCICU members are able to enter or expand the world of online education while minimizing high technology and course development costs.

As managers of the OCICU, New Ventures of Regis University provides an existing online infrastructure and attends to the administrative details associated with the Consortium.


  • Membership in the first online consortium of like-minded institutions
  • Quality faculty trained in online delivery
  • Fully developed courseware offered in multiple terms, formats and learning management systems
  • Academic and administrative support using up-to-date technology



  • Low risk, low cost entry into online learning
  • Quick start capability and the potential to dramatically increase student enrollments and revenue
  • Expansion of institutional mission through outreach to new student populations
  • Ability to create new degrees, specializations and certificates supplemented by multiple providers
  • Rich menu of academic offerings reviewed and selected by member institution
  • Access to special interest courses

Profile of OCICU Members:

  • Regionally accredited
  • Independent, not-for-profit
  • Liberal arts tradition
  • Academic excellence
  • Mission-centered

Sample Applications of OCICU Courses:

  • Sparsely registered courses
  • Occasional course needs of students
  • Faculty departments of one
  • Off-campus locations
  • Degree-completion programs
  • Special interests of students
  • Diverse student classmates