Dramatically increase online course offerings and reach new student populations with OCICU’s national online course exchange.

Our rich menu of online courses from nationally-accredited colleges and universities offers students course flexibility and variety while expanding your offerings and saving you valuable resources.


  • Membership in the first online consortium of like-minded institutions
  • Quality faculty trained in online delivery
  • Fully developed courseware offered in multiple terms, formats and learning management systems
  • Academic and administrative support


  • Quick start capability and the potential to dramatically increase student enrollments and revenue
  • Low risk, low cost entry into online learning
  • Expansion of institutional mission through outreach to new student populations
  • Ability to create new degrees, specializations and certificates supplemented by multiple providers

About Our Members

  • Regionally accredited
  • Independent, not-for-profit
  • Liberal arts tradition
  • Academic excellence
  • Mission-centered

Course Applications

  • Sparsely registered courses
  • Occasional course needs of students
  • Faculty departments of one
  • Off-campus locations
  • Degree-completion programs
  • Special interests of students
  • Diverse student classmates

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